The Best American Tv Series of All Time




Which one is the Best American Tv Series of All Time?

There are (or were) a lot of popular Tv Series in USA Televisions. Most important feature of these series is being watched a lot of people from different countries. We decide to choose the best American Tv Series ever. This list is composed of American Tv Series of All Time. Here are our picks for the best TV Series. Choose your favourite one and vote!

If your favourite Tv Series is not take place in our list, we can add it according to your comments above our post. You can vote only once in 24 hours.

End Date of Poll: 30 September 2016

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  • Tristan John Wannet

    really i wish i could pick more than one

  • Bárbara Godoi

    Major Crimes, always and forever, Major Crimes ♥!!!!

    • Naomi B.

      Is there any other choice??? ALWAYS Major Crimes!

  • Gene Smith


  • Deidre Ryan

    Vikings is not on there. Is it not considered an American show? I know it has an Irish/Canadian connection, but it is broadcast by The History Channel.

    • deChelca

      It’s there. Look harder.

      • Deidre Ryan

        Thanks! I was looking through so many polls and choices, got my head spinning.

  • Lisa Turner Cypert

    Walking Dead!

  • Susann Heinze

    Beauty and the Beast the best ever!

  • Barbara Grimmett

    I think that Outlander is the best series that we have on TV right now because they drama and they have a lot of sexy scenes as well as great actors and actress . A specially Sa m H eughan and Caitriona Belfa they are great in their roles

  • admin

    Beauty & the Beast is added. Page #5. Thanks for your comment.

  • admin

    Star Trek is added. Page #5. Thanks for your comment.

  • admin

    La Femme Nikita is added. Page #5. Thanks for your comment.

  • admin

    Lucifer is added. Page #5. Thanks for your comment.

  • Diane U

    Star Trek

  • admin

    NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigation Service is added. Page #5. Thanks for your comment.

  • Angela Walker

    Where is Smallville please?

    • admin

      Smallville is added. Page #5. Thanks for your comment.

  • admin

    Xena: Warrior Princess is added. Page #6. Thanks for your comment.

  • admin

    Beauty and the Beast is in page 5. You can vote.

  • admin

    The West Wing is added. Thanks for your comment.

  • admin

    Beverly Hills, 90210 is added. Thanks for your comment.

  • admin

    The West Wing is also in the list. Page #6.

  • Canitocool

    Fringe FTW. And I am recapping Season 1 at this moment….Miss them all.

  • admin

    Charmed is added. Page #6. Thanks for your comment.

  • admin

    Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis are added. Page #6. Thanks for your comment.

  • Angela

    I’m sorry, but if you are asking about the BEST series of ALL TIME, I would HAVE to say the original Star Trek. What other series has had MORE spin-offs, inspired more original television series & has had a greater impact on everyday life? Just cellphones alone! Star Trek, PERIOD.

  • chrism53

    Can’t believe MASH is not in this list! Some of the shows I’ve never even heard of

    • MediaGod

      I agree very strongly. I think I may have written the same somewhere on here. I noticed many of the titles were more contemporary shows and many are nowhere near the calibre of many great TV shows like M*A*S*H*, All In The Family, Paper Chase, NYPD Blue, Hill Street Blues, Lou Grant, I could do on and on. The list is quite short.

  • admin

    M*A*S*H and All in the Family are added. Thanks for your comment.

    • Dave Bender

      Need to add Justified, hugely popular.

  • Beatriz Estevens

    Yall can BET that FRINGE IS, it really is, the best tv series ever created. J.J.Abram´s masterpiece.

  • Suzanne Young

    You left off the very best one. Revolution and the 2nd best one, Game of Silence. Please add both.

    • admin

      Revolution and Game of Silence are in the list. Page #3 and Page #4. Thanks for your comment.

      • Suzanne Young

        Thanks, still can not see them, but this site is hard to load correctly. I will keep trying.

      • Suzanne Young

        Sorry I looked all over The Best American Tv Series of All Time list and never found them. I know they are on the other list. Thank you anyway.

        • admin

          Sorry. Our mistake. We will add them as soon as possible.

  • JSP

    Thanks for doing an end date! Much more likely to keep voting now!

  • admin

    Covert Affairs is added. Thanks for your comment.

  • admin

    Damien is added. Page #6. Thanks for your comment.

  • MediaGod

    I would agree with ‘influential’ but it was and is considered to be a ‘campy’ television show. It held nowhere near the power of shows like MASH, All in the Family, on and on…but you are right, there are many in the list which shouldn’t even be considered “BEST” much less to have left out so many good shows. I think the database used was very limited and perhaps (without knowing who created this POLL), there was an oversight in how it was created or labeled. Perhaps it should have been a poll of a certain era of television. Maybe they could have made different polls based on the DECADES, or something else. I think this was a mistake, error, or just not well-thought out poll perhaps?

  • MediaGod

    I noted below and it has struck me perhaps I should note a more wide post.

    I think this poll in general was a mistake perhaps. It really should have been labeled differently or perhaps have done polls by Decade/Genre or some other fashion. The poll has created more of a discussion with regards to shows NOT added or considered than it has been about actually considering what is listed. I do not know how it was made, by a user, an administrator, etc., but it clearly needs to be re-done and perhaps re-thought as to how it is presented and polled perhaps.

    Just an idea since as I said, more are talking about what is NOT here rather than what IS here.

    Hope this idea is helpful and perhaps the poll remade and done in a different, more specific manner and use a database of television shows from existing lists online. Just a thought. Hope it is taken seriously because I would definitely love to give opinions, especially if done based on DECADE or GENRE (Comedy/Drama,etc.,). Good luck!

  • admin

    Stargate Atlantis is still in the list. Page #6. Thanks for your commment.

  • Dina Barr

    Can you please add Stargate Atlantis to The Best American Tv Series of All Times ?

  • Dina Barr

    Sorry for the previous comment. I know Stargate Atlantis is on the list.

  • marie line

    Stargate Atlantlis

  • admin

    The Tudors is added. Page #6. Thanks for your comment.

  • admin

    The Wonder Years is added. Page #6. Thanks for your comment.

  • wknight9

    Loving the results. My favorite tv series of all time #Dominion on top and oddly cancelled after 2 seasons.

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