The Best American Tv Series of 2015



Which one is the Best American Tv Series of 2015?

Last year there were a lot of popular Tv Series in USA Televisions. Most important feature of these series is being watched a lot of people from different countries.

We said goodbye to some of the greatest series and the others will continue this year. This list is composed of American Tv Series of 2015. Here are our picks for the best TV Series of 2015. Choose your favourite one and vote!

If your favourite Tv Series is not take place in our list, we can add it according to your comments above our post. You can vote only once in 24 hours.

End Date of Poll: 31 March 2016

This poll has been closed.

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  • Dany Verter

    Can you add Outlander? It’s an American-British TV Series

    • admin

      “Outlander” is added. Thanks for your comment.

      • Dany Verter

        Thanks, you’re very kind

  • Well… the best American TV Series of 2015 is “The Knick”. And I don’t see it here.

    • admin

      “The Knick” is added. Thanks for your comment.

      • Sheila Cascio

        The leftovers needs to be on this list!

        • admin

          “The Leftovers” is added. Thanks for your comment.

  • Stargazer0118

    Dominion. S2 aired on syfy. My favorite.

    • admin

      “Dominion” is added. Thanks for your comment.

  • Betty Hamilton

    How long will this poll run?

  • Mandy

    How to get away with murder, hands down best show

    • admin

      “How to Get Away with Murder” is added. Thanks for your comment.

  • CeeloTyson

    This list is incomplete without Playing House! =)

    • admin

      “Playing House” is added. Thanks for your comment.

  • MrsSp0ck

    Can you add Orphan Black?

    • admin

      “Orphan Black” is added. Thanks for your comment.

  • Elizabeth Biscuso


  • Naomi B.

    What about Major Crimes??????

    • admin

      “Major Crimes” is added. Thanks for your comment.

  • Andreia Ferreira

    The Blacklist!!!

  • Urielxme


  • admin

    “The 100” is added. Thanks for your comment.

  • Naomi B.

    Ummmm what happened to the poll? The numbers seem a tad off!☺

    • Anne M.

      A tad is quite an understatement. ☺

  • admin

    We are so sorry!!! Our website met the cyber attack from different sources. We saved all of our polls except this one. To help us, if you have a screenshot of our poll for this week, please send us ( and we try to solve the problem. We take precautions to prevent this situation again.

    • Anne M.

      I wish I had a screenshot, but I’ve been away all weekend. But I DO know that Outlander was in the lead. Something is seriously wrong here. No way can Hannibal be leading How did they snatch 42% all of a sudden from… very low. This is just not right.

      • Jo

        Are you accusing us of cheating? Again? I assume you are suggesting that we “attacked the site”. I mean.. please.

        • Anne M.

          No, I never said that. But we all know that your fandom can be very nasty, and you guys seem, for whatever reason, to be full of hatred towards the Outlander fandom. Well, why should Sam NOT have so many voted? He has a lot fans. Not only because he’s so gorgeous, but because he’s a great guy in general. Extremely talented, generous, kind, caring, smart… He’s the whole package and that’s why fans from all over the world are voting for him.

          • Jo

            We aren’t full of hatred for ANY fandom. We don’t like the Outlander fandom because your fans tend to accuse us of cheating every time we come up against you. Heaven forbid we are as passionate as you are. In fact, we are the ones trying to save our “cancelled” show, as you guys just love to remind us. But we are the nasty ones? Right. If mocking another fandom for their show being cancelled isn’t nasty, I don’t know what is.

          • Jo

            We aren’t “nasty”. We took offence to some of your fans laughing and taunting us for our show being cancelled. And accusing us of cheating every time we voted in any poll. A lot of our fans, me included, watch and like Outlander. Our fandoms were friends a few months ago. Then you all decided we were cheats. So… *Shrug*

    • Dany Verter

      Don’t worry, it’s fine! These things happen!

  • Dorothy Forbes

    Dominion is my favorite. Can you please add it. Thank you.

  • Jo

    I get it.
    Outlander winning poll – no complaining in the comments.
    Outlander not winning poll – FIX! CHEATS! SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT!

  • Rogeline

    When I voted last Friday Outlander is on the lead and it has 4,013 votes Friday, 01/29/2016 at 12:47 pm (Hawaii time). . . . Did you re-start this poll?????

    • admin

      You are right. We explained the situation in comments. Due to technical reasons we had to restart poll. So sorry.

      • Rogeline

        Thank you for your reply! ?

  • admin

    Murder In The First is added. Thanks for your comment.

  • Bárbara Godoi

    Major Crimes ♥

  • admin

    Beauty and the Beast is added. Thanks for your comment.

  • admin

    Undateable is added. Thanks for your comment.

  • Barbara Grimmett

    I think that Outlander is the only series that has all the drama & romance & adventure that you could want ,and actors and actress are the best

  • Barbara Grimmett

    The Outlander series is the best series that has come along in some , it has every thing that you could ask for. And the love scenes are so steamy , they are the best.

  • admin

    Grimm is added. Thanks for your comment.

  • Hegi

    naah im just here for the 100 series ?✌️ season 3 is the best…. watch it guys!!!

  • Jeffissmoother1

    Agent Carter is awesome

    • Dasiy Johnson

      That it is! Agent Carter is definitely the best show on TV hands down.

  • Debbora Rayydor


  • admin

    American Horror Story is added. Thanks for your comment.

  • duchess88

    Outlander is so far above them all….great great actors & great show all over.

  • Jutta Freudig

    I miss Black Sails now in the poll though I have seen it and voted for it yesterday. Where is best US series in the world now?

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