The Best Actors of Korean TV Series 2024



Who is the Best Actor of Korean TV Series 2024?

There are a lot of popular Tv Series in South Korean Televisions. Some of you liked these series because of outstanding performance of actor in a leading role. We choose the best Actors of Korean TV Series 2024 according to your votes. This list is composed of the best actors from Korean TV Series 2024. Choose your favorite one and vote!

These are our candidates: Ahn Bo Hyun (Flex X Cop), Ahn Se Min (Our Love Triangle), Bae In Hyuk (The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract), Cha Eun Woo (A Good Day to be a Dog-Wonderful World), Choi Woo Shik (A Killer Paradox), Gongchan (Our Love Triangle), Ha Jun (Live Your Own Life), Jang Dong Yoon (My Man is Cupid-Like Flowers in Sand), Ji Chang Wook (Welcome to Samdal-ri), Jo Jung Suk (Captivating the King), Jung Woo Sung (Tell Me That You Love Me), Kang Ki Young (Queen of Divorce), Kim Do Wan (Wedding Impossible), Kim Dong Jun (Goryeo-Khitan War), Kim Soo Hyun (Queen of Tears), Lee Dong Wook (A Shop for Killers), Lee Jae Wook (The Impossible Heir), Lee Jong Won (Knight Flower), Lee Joon (The Escape of the Seven), Lee Jun Young (The Impossible Heir), Lee Ki Taek (My Happy Ending), Moon Sang Min (Wedding Impossible), Na In Woo (Marry My Husband), Park Hyung Sik (Doctor Slump), Park Ji Hoon (Love Song for Illusion), Park Seo Joon (Gyeongseong Creature), Park Solomon (Branding in Seongsu), Seo In Guk (Death’s Game), Son Ho Jun (My Happy Ending), Son Suk Ku (A Killer Paradox), Song Kang (My Demon), Wi Ha Joon (Gyeongseong Creature).

If your favorite actor is not take place in our list, we can add him according to your comments above our post.

You can vote only once in 1 hour!!!

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End Date of Poll: 20 March 2025

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