The Best Actors of American Tv Series 2015



Who is the Best Actor of American Tv Series 2015?

Last year there were a lot of popular Tv Series in USA Televisions. Some of you liked these series because of outstanding performance of actor in a leading role. We choose the best Actors of American Tv Series 2015 according to your votes. This list is composed of the best actors from American Tv Series. Choose your favourite one and vote!

If your favourite actor is not take place in our list, we can add it according to your comments above our post. You can vote only once in 24 hours.

End Date of Poll: 31 March 2016

This poll has been closed.

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  • Fina Azouz

    Without a doubt, the best is… James Spader.

  • Phrank

    For me, I’m in for Jim Caviezel. He was terrific in Person of Interest.

  • Dorothy Johnson

    Definitely the best actor for me is Jim Caviezel. He is great!

  • john

    Jim Caviezel is the best around. He has many roles played behind him. POI is one of his best. Sorry CBS and it’s Sponsors you will be losing a lot of viewers after this year.

  • Bella Castle

    There is only one Great American Actor and That is Nathan Fillion of Firefly and Castle!!!

    • Anne M.

      The poll is not about the greatest American actor, but about best actor in an American TV show. Nathan is good, I like him in Castle, but there are others that are even better. 🙂

  • Sherry Riley

    Where is Sam Heughan of Outlander?

  • Dany Verter

    Can you add Sam Heughan (Outlander)?

  • Lori Sterns

    Sam Heughan Outlander!

  • Lynn Wilson

    SAM HEUGHAN for the WIN!!!

  • KatSchella

    Please add Sam Heughan (Outlander)

  • Betty Hamilton

    Sam Heughan of Outlander

  • Diana McGrew

    Sam Heughan is so outstanding I can’t believe that he has to be a write have really missed the boat in your nominations!

  • admin

    Sam Heughan is added. Thanks for your commnets.

    • Anne M.

      Thank you! There are a lot great actors in this poll, but Sam is simply the best. ♥

  • Yang Ko

    Where’s MISHA COLLINS?! he’s an angel in the THIS WORLD!

    • admin

      Misha Collins is added. Thanks for your comment.

      • Yang Ko

        THANK YOU!!

  • nb74

    James spader James down

  • stevieboy49

    Without a doubt, Sam Heughan gets my vote! Brilliant acting from a fabulous Scottish actor.

  • Holly

    Jensen Ackles, does’t matter what the situation from sad to funny, from accepting to kick ass go get em attitude. he’s just awesome

  • Denise Holland

    Michael Emerson has no competition as far as I’m concerned!.He is as good as they come. CBS and it’s Sponsors you will be losing a lot of viewers after this year.

  • admin

    David Tennant is added. Thanks for your comment.

  • admin

    Tony Denison is added. Thanks for your message.

    • Stefanie Wildermann

      thank you

  • Aryan Jones

    Colin O’Donoghue?

    • admin

      Colin O’Donoghue is added. Thanks for your comment.

  • admin

    Patrick Dempsey is added. Thanks for your comment.

    • Inshal Waheed


  • admin

    Robert Carlyle is added. Thanks for your comment.

  • Toadie

    Love James Spader is awesome in the blacklist but still have to go with Norman Reedus

  • Theresa Mesec

    James Spader for sure !

  • sandra

    David Boreanaz for sure!!!

  • aruka

    David Tennant. The one, the only, the best!

  • Jacy Clark

    David Tennant as Kilgrave, “Jessica Jones”

  • עדן אבוהב

    Come on.. doesn’t any of you actually saw Daredevil?? It is amazing!
    Mr. Cox , goodluck 🙂

  • admin

    Gabriel Macht and Brett Dalton are added. Unfortunately Strike Back is not an American Tv Show. We can’t add Philip Winchester. Thanks for your comment.

  • TpicAllJensen

    Jensen Ackles! Definitely! )))

  • Barbara Grimmett

    I love the way that Sam plays the role of Jamie . The way he looks and speaks is so sexy.

  • Barbara Grimmett

    I love the way Sam Heughan plays the role of Jamie ,he is so sexy in his Kilt

  • Barbara Grimmett

    Sam Heughan is the best actor and the most sexy man.

  • Barbara Grimmett

    I think Sam Heughan is the best thing that has come to the acting scene in a long time ,he is sexy and a awesome person

  • Barb Kas

    guess some forgot it’s abt acting & not looks judging by who is no1. that said jensen, misha, james cause they can act unlike many on that list… if i must choose only one i’ll go with jensen cause he is so expressive

  • Margo Ride

    Bob Morley from The 100!!!!

  • mpatt53

    Have asked several times to have Lee Pace added to the list and have been ignored. He’s as good an actor as any you have in the list. His series Halt and Catch Fire is very good. He’s even won awards for his acting abilities. More so than some you have in the list. Could you please add him so folks can start voting for him that want to?

  • mpatt53

    Where is Lee Pace

  • admin

    Lee Pace is added. Thanks for your comment.

  • admin

    Toby Stephens is added. Thanks for your comment.

  • Lori Thrasher

    Travis Fimmel does’nt even have to speak to convey what can be said with a glance or expression. He is just that good.

  • Freddie

    He better be…how could they have missed him???

  • Shari

    For me, no question it is Sam Heughan who has given a face and form to one of the most beloved characters in the world. His talent is limitless and he is beautifully filling some verra big shoes!

  • Irevi

    The best is Thomas Gibson

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